About HamSignal.net
This social networking site is a special site for amateur radio operators worldwide. You must have an amateur radio operator license to register.

HamSignal is a timeline-style platform like Facebook where we, as amateur radio broadcasters, can share our instant events. However, there are only broadcasts on amateur radio and are not open to non-licensees.

What Can You Do Here?

You can share things in the name of amateur radio just like on other social media.
You can create a group.
You can create an event calendar
You can create a Custom Page.
You can create a blog and write an article about amateur radio.
You can sell and share the devices and/or equipment you have in the market.
The platform is free to members.

We are developing special modules for amateurs on this platform.

We added the DX-Cluster Module. You can watch live and DX post.
With the Contest calendar, you can see the upcoming competitions.
If you are using DMR, you can download the contact list.

LogBook module is nearing completion We have started testing the Alpha version among ourselves

Putting the site in an all-in-one form by adding modules for amateurs in the near future
we want.

You can send us the applications you want us to add.

Together with good works for Amateur Radio...