Terms of Use

This site is currently under testing. We do our best during this test phase to ensure that the data entered by users is not lost.
It is planned to use more powerful cloud systems and servers if it is necessary to proceed to the next stages by enjoying the use of the site.

Our site will only accept users with an amateur radio operator license. After registration, confirm your profile by sending your Amateur radio license from the Authentication step in your profile settings.
Unapproved users can be deleted by moderators or admins.

Our site has been established only for sharing related to amateur radio activities. Other political, religious, etc. content may be deleted by the authorities. Accounts of users who share this type of sharing may be suspended.

Shares should not contain content that will offend other users.

Shares should be clean and sincere in line with the global rules of amateur radio operators.

These terms of use may be updated and changed over time.

By using the site you are deemed to have accepted these conditions.

We thank you.