All radio amateurs can participate in this event.The evaluation will be on a regional and country basis.Logs can be uploaded using telegram LOGSA_BOT for the event. Those who do not know the grid information can find out the location information by sending the location to the bot.


This activity allows radio amateurs to perform qso in high bands such as vhf, uhf,
it is organized in order to gain the habit of station tracking and log keeping.
Log tracking is performed via LOGSA_BOT located on Telegram.
Detailed information about using LOGSA_BOT is available from the help menu in the BOT. 
1-All qsos must be at simplex frequencies, calls over the relay are unacceptable,
2-During the Qso, it is necessary to obtain Grid Locator information and reports of the stations as a priority,
3-In the Qso logs; station call sign, counter station call sign, date, time, signal report (RST)
and it is necessary to have an 8-digit grid locator (such as KM56IV15),
4-All Qso also has no mode limitation. If there is more than one different mode, it will be considered a mix,
5-All Qso should be notified to the LOGSA Robot via Telegram, qsolar should be done in the format accepted by the robot. Incorrect notifications
it will not be valued as points.
6-This activity will be evaluated as 4 periods per year, taking into account the propaganda conditions of the year.
I.January February March March (February and March for 2022),
II.Period April-May-June,
III.Period July-August-September,
IV.Period October-November-December

7-Scoring is based on the KM dec Kilometer) distance between the grid locator located during the Qso and the grid locator located at the opposite station,
The scoring is also calculated with different multipliers because it is based on the grid locator,
If KM== KN is the coefficient x2.00,
if 56 == 57, is the coefficient of x1.50 ,
if IV == JW ,is the coefficient of x1.25,
If 25 == 88, it is calculated by the coefficient x1.00.
8-Certificates earned at the end of periods will be sent to your e-mail address. To do this, you must specify the email address for each of your call signs with the instructions on the bot.
9-This activity is organized by ANTRAD-TADMC and the Award MANAGER is YM4KC.
Contact : [email protected]